Next Exit Europe

When I went to bed on Friday morning, it was 1 p.m. in UK and things on the BBC looked O.K. Not great, but O.K. When some birds woke me up five hours later the unimaginable had happened.

Still that very evening I am sitting on a balcony on the sixth floor of a Munich flat taking pictures of a thunderstorm at the horizon, drinking Jeff’s Bavarian Ale brewed in Bayreuth.

Wetterleuchten © 2016 Thomas Michael Glaw

Wetterleuchten © 2016 Thomas Michael Glaw

Germans call far away thunderstorms “Wetterleuchten”, they are often considered foreboding. So Britain has voted itself out of the European Union. I would agree with my friend Nigel, that in the end it won’t be that bad. I do believe, that regulations will be worked out, allowing Europeans to work in UK (or whatever is going to remain of it) and vice versa.

I do also believe, that economic relations will continue. It won’t be easy because the British public chose to exit from a complicated, peaceful and prosperous, but certainly not easy partnership. For all the wrong reasons, if I may add.

I would encourage the young generation to continue to make Europe their home – no matter what an elderly majority feeling marginalized opted for. Britain has always been a pain in the *** for the continent as well as a wonderful partner.

Let’s have it our way. Let’s take the best from all the member states together. Let’s not forget, that this union first and foremost was established to guarantee peace after two devastating wars and economic prosperity remains only one factor in that process. Let’s not belittle those, who acted fearful or followed certain political scaremongers. Let us explain to them again and again what Europe is all about, and assure their social security.

And let’s stop some self-centred, power obsessed middle class upstarts drive a wonderful project against the wall.


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